In these uncertain times when the way of the world seems overwhelmingly out of our control, there is one sure thing we can rely on and that is natures cycles and seasonal rhythms. Everything in nature is so perfectly timed. Birds know when to migrate, hedgehogs know when to hibernate and flowers know exactly when to bloom without the need for calendars and clocks.


How is it then that our modern day culture has grown to follow a more linear path where we are encouraged to maintain the continual bright energy of summer and push on at the same pace all year round regardless of the season we're in?! This way of living isn't at all natural or sustainable and we risk burning out!


 When we tune in and synchronise with natures rhythms,  we see that there are optimum times to start new projects, be outgoing and sociable and then there are times when we need to slow right down, to rest, retreat and replenish. Everything has it's season and nature is the perfect teacher to guide us.

Whispers of the Wild is a creative brand passionate about slow, simple & sustainable living, in harmony with natures seasons. We hope to inspire you to slow down and connect even more deeply with the natural word for a greater sense of peace and wellbeing. This way of living came more naturally to our ancestors, but with modern-day advancements, we seem to have lost our way a little!

We want to revisit the old ways and remind you of life's simple pleasures, like the joy of walking through crunchy leaves in the autumn. Growing something beautiful from a single tiny seed. Foraging for blackberries to create a tasty crumble. Collecting wild weeds to make a nutrient rich cup of herbal tea. Or the simple act of staring into the nights sky and marvelling at the moon and stars.





With our roots firmly intwined in nature and our intention set to promote a more peaceful and sustainable way of living, we are proud to offer a beautiful selection of handcrafted natural products made with love.

Cara has used her photography and illustrations to create a collection of nature inspired stationary for each of the four seasons. She has also handcrafted a selection of essential self care products full of organic or sustainably wildcrafted ingredients chosen to promote a sense of wellbeing and help you settle into the changing seasons.


These products have been lovingly brought together to create a very special "Nature & Nurture" Seasonal Self Care Gift Box where the combination of its contents ensures that your every need has been considered to aid better alignment with each of the seasons, just as nature intended.

Cara Nicholls Whispers of The Wild

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by! The story behind Whispers of the Wild is the story of my return back to the natural world and a simpler way of living, which in turn connected me back to my own true nature...

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