I have been escaping to the natural world for inspiration, guidance & healing for as long as I can remember...

As a child you'd mostly find me drawing & painting pictures of wildlife, dancing amongst the wildflowers or retreating to the fir trees where I'd hide out collecting leaves and berries to turn into potions! A fair few years on and not much has changed really!


I did have a stint of trying to fit in with the social norms, but I soon realised that it didn't really agree with me on many levels. Instead I began to tune into what felt good & somehow managed to find the way back to my true essence with a lot of help from Mother Nature. I found that the more time I spent in the wild immersing myself in her cycles & seasonal rhythms, the more my creative juices would flow.


​Art was the one subject I really enjoyed at school, so I went on to art college for a while (until my younger self thought it was more important to earn some pennies at the time!) I worked with rescued horses for many years who I will always refer to as my greatest teachers. I was a gardener until I found I was spending a bit too much time admiring the Roses; taking their photograph, painting them, collecting their petals to make rose essence or simply arranging them into beautiful posies! This led me to retrain as a florist where I ran my own successful floristry & events business from a charming old shepherds hut. 


Throughout most of this time, I have been practicing Yoga & studying herbal medicine both of which I'll probably be doing for the rest of my life! Another constant is my art journal where I am forever journalling & documenting  nature through sketches, painting & collage.


​I currently live with my husband, our son & two sausage dogs in a small Sussex village nestled halfway between the coast and the countryside. We all share a deep love of the natural world where we grow our own produce, spend lots of time in or beside the sea & enjoy many lovely long walks, foraging for food & medicine as.  My hair is usually very wild, my skin weathered & my pockets are almost always full of treasures I’ve picked up along the way which will later inspire something I’m working on.

When I'm not out in nature, my days mostly follow a gentle rhythm of mothering & homesteading, with little pockets of time to create in-between. I have a hut in our garden (my haven) where I stash my treasures and make art from mixed media, my favourite being cut paper collage. I use my artwork to create prints, greetings cards & other illustrated goodies which you can purchase from my Webshop, Etsy Shop & from other Stockists. I also have an apothecary at home where I create a nurturing range of seasonal self care products for you to enjoy.