Hello and thank you so much for stopping by! The story behind Whispers of the Wild is the story of my return back to the natural world and a simpler way of living, which in turn connected me back to my own true nature.

I have been turning to the natural world for escapism, inspiration, guidance and healing for as long as I can remember. Even as a child you'd mostly find me dancing with the butterflies amongst the wildflowers or retreating to the fir trees where I'd hide out collecting leaves and berries to turn into potions! Being outdoors felt safe, reliable and instinctively I knew that there was great magic and wisdom to be found in the wild.

​This deep connection with nature definitely wasn’t nurtured by my peers and by the time I reached secondary school I was led to believe that it was foolish to get lost in such magic! So I joined the crowd and did whatever was socially acceptable to fit into the 'real world'. This continued into my teens and early twenties by which time I was suffering with a chronic health condition and I felt completely lost and disenchanted. 

​I decided enough was enough. No longer could I fit in with people and obligations that left me feeling completely drained and downtrodden. My energy was low and there was only enough for the things that felt good! The more I learnt to say no to things that weren’t bringing me joy, the more time and space was created for the good things in life.

Walking in nature with my dogs was definitely one of life’s good things, so I did it every single day, sometimes two or three times a day! It wasn't long before I felt my energy return. More than that, I was beginning to feel that deep sense of peace and connection I felt as a young girl before the world told me whom I should be!

I think that this is a sign of the times and a familiar story for many of us. I believe that living in tune with natures seasons is the key to a more sustainable way of being and I now see that living slowly and simply is not just a lifestyle choice but absolutely essential for my mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

​Today I live with my husband, our son and three dogs in a small Sussex village nestled halfway between the coast and the countryside. We all share a deep love of the natural world where we each enjoy the great outdoors in different ways. Together though, we grow our own produce and there’s not a single day that we don’t head out for a long walk in the wild. I usually have my camera and foraging basket attached, full of little treasures I’ve picked up along the way to later inspire something I’m working on

My days mostly follow a gentle rhythm of parenting and homesteading, with little pockets of time to create in-between. I have a hut in the garden (my haven) where I stash my treasures and make art inspired by nature, which I use to illustrate my own range of stationary. 


Nestled between my hut and a tall tree, I have a hammock and underneath my hammock and surrounding my hut is a vast array of healing herbs I’ve grown and nurtured. This is my ultimate happy place and where my soul squeals with pure delight! Gently rocking in my hammock whilst simultaneously brushing against the herbs as they release the most exquisite aromas is absolute pure heaven and far too good not to share!


It is in my hammock amongst my plant allies where I dream up yummy herbal teas, nourishing tincture and healing oils to turn into nurturing products for myself, family and friend. These products have been so well received and brought such comfort that I now feel called to share some of them with the wider world and feel really excited by our latest seasonal offerings.

Thank you so much for reading my story. If any of it resonates or you feel inspired in some small way, then I’d absolutely love to continue this story with you on board.

Love and warm hugs

Cara x

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