Hello! We are Cara & John, husband & wife team & the faces behind Wildly Crafted & Whispers of the Wild...

We live with our son & two sausage dogs in a small Sussex village nestled half way between the coast & the countryside which suits our love of the sea & land perfectly! We currently live in a brick built house, though we've always had a dream of living self sufficiently in a wooden cabin on stilts beside the sea or in the middle of nowhere way up high in a treehouse!This dream has not left our side, so much so, we've built our whole business around it!

We've both been on quite a journey of self discovery both learning & un-learning a lot of what we're told to be true! We feel that with modern day advancements there is a real disconnect Some things just didn't stack up, even more so once we became parents, so together we made the choice to live life a little differently! We're not talking about anything whacky & far out, we're just really really passionate about living in a more gentle & sustainable way. We believe that the key to this is by nurturing a deeper connection to the natural world & life's simple pleasures.

After working in the construction business for 25 years & getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of environmentally friendly material choices & subsequent waste,  John decided to set off in a new direction where he now builds beautiful Wildly Crafted Cabins & Treehouses using natural eco-conscious materials & using sustainable building methods.

Cara's background is in Art & Design, Floristry, Gardening, Herbalism, Animal Rescuing & now her most important role of all, Mothering! After becoming a Mummy, she found the pressure of flowering high end weddings far too stressful with little helping hands! She also became disheartened with buying flowers in bulk that weren't in season & had been flown halfway around the world in plastic, only to be destined for the bin the following day! She decided to take a graceful step back from the wedding industry & rekindled her love of Art by creating cut paper collages from old scraps of paper!

Whispers of the Wild started out as Cara's Instagram account where she shared a mash up of her days, from Homesteading, Homeschooling & Herbalism to Art, Photography & Apothecary Products, the common thread has always been that everything is inspired by Nature. After a while, people began to ask to buy her creations & for advice on making more sustainable living choices, so she set up a little shop!

As our individual businesses have grown we have both got more & more focused on what our core values are... & guess what, they are essentially the same! We have now merged our businesses realising that combined we have so much more to bring to the table & so much more we'd like to share with the world to help us develop a long lasting connection with nature.

And as for that dream of ours... Well, let's build the dream together!

A place for you & a place for me... A place for all seasons where you can truly just be :)