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A bit about me...

What is it you do Cara? I've always struggled with that question! Nowadays, I simply reply with "A multitude of things depending on which way the wind is blowing". This isn't too far from the truth as I strive to live in tune with the seasons & in harmony with mama nature & her cycles... We are all cyclical beings after all, often living in a linear world where it's so easy to loose sight of the simple pleasures in life. I really hope to live by example & inspire others to simplify & slow down enough to hear the gentle Whispers of the Wild.


I live with my husband, our son & three dogs in a small village in beautiful Sussex, nestled hallway between the coast & the countryside. There's not a single day that goes by when I don't gather up my boys (son & dogs!) & head out for a long walk to gather inspiration. I'll usually have my camera with me & pockets full to bursting with little treasures I've collected that will later prompt something I'm working on. I'll often have my foraging basket too, so we can collect an array of wild weeds, hips & berries for supper or to make plant medicine with. Sounds idyllic? Well, it is.. & anyone can do it! The best things in life are free & growing abundantly under our noses!

The inspiration I take from nature manifests itself in various ways through my work. I have illustrated my own collection of cards & prints from collages that I sell today in my Etsy shop & through some of my most favourite independent shops. I love photography and work with some really wonderful likeminded ethical brands. I create small batch herbal products and I supply homegrown ceremony flowers for eco-conscious couples!


I am also studying herbal medicine which is a lifelong path of new discoveries & I am absolutely loving every step of the journey. As a family we grow our own vegetables, herbs & cut flowers which is finally starting to pay off as we've had a bountiful harvest this summer! 

So that's a bit about me... in a very small nutshell!

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