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Spring is here!

Hello sweet soul It’s been a long time since I last wrote to you! I hope you're keeping well & feeling as peaceful as you can. I have just returned from a lovely sunny break away in Cornwall with the family where we swam & surfed in the Atlantic Ocean most days, ate delicious fresh seafood & generally swooned over the beautiful landscape! I didn’t want to leave to be honest & the fact that we returned to snow made it even harder! Luckily, the snow was short lived & we have come home to a plethora of beautiful native wildflowers which always makes me smile:)

Primrose, Violets, Red Campion, Lady’s Smock, Lesser Celandine, Dandelion, Greater Stitchwort, Wood Anemone & Bluebells are all now flowering abundantly in the wild. Whilst Daffodils, Forget-me-nots & Cowslips have returned to our garden & I am very happy to report that I now have enough cut flowers to fill a pretty little vase for the dinner table! Simple pleasures!

As well as cut flowers, I have been so excited to be able to fill my foraging basket once again! We have been enjoying Chickweed, Garlic Mustard, Gorse, Sweet Cicely, Violets, Dandelions, Plantain, Nettle, Cleavers & not forgetting Wild Garlic. (We have had Wild Garlic Pesto with just about everything!)

In my little studio hut, I have been working on some more Native Wildflower Cards & I’m very happy to see that the deck is now starting to really grow! I originally planned for this project to be a year-long deep dive with the flora & fauna growing wildly around me, but I can’t possibly keep up with Mama Nature’s abundant growth now she's in full swing! I have now dropped the deadline for this project, as I really want the time needed to get fully immersed in each variety of wildflower & the wisdom it wishes to share.

Enough about me & what I’ve been up to, let’s talk about all things Whispers of the Wild AND Wildly Crafted! As some of you may already know, my husband John & I have decided to colaborate so that between us, we can broaden our range of nature inspired offerings! From something small like an artists greetings card to something much larger like a bespoke Treehouse, we hope to offer something very special for wild hearted, eco-conscious souls of all ages!

Wildly Crafted works in harmony with nature to create bespoke eco friendly Cabins & Treehouses using sustainable building methods & materials, designed to nurture a deeper connection with the natural world. If you haven’t done so already, then please be sure to check us out!

We have added some really lovely new products to the Whispers of the Wild Shop. We now stock a wide range of Your Wild Books, which are filled with hours worth of nature play ideas. These books are beautifully illustrated, practical and really easy to use. They make a wonderful resource for parents and grandparents, early years and primary teachers as well as home schoolers seeking more nature play ideas. The activities are open-ended, adaptable to suit your location, require minimal craft supplies and are inexpensive, plus there are School Holiday Projects and Printables to extend the fun.

Another wonderful addition to the shop is The Wall and the Wild environmental children’s book, which is all about appreciating wildness in all its forms by showing the importance and joy of gardening.

Finally, I just want to alert you all to the fact that Whispers of the Wild's Instagram Account has been hacked & is currently inaccessible! I’m really sad about this, as I had grown such a supportive community of likeminded souls who I am missing terribly! I am trying everything I can to retrieve the account, meanwhile please come find me at our new Instagram Account whispers_of_the_wild2 I think that’s more than enough from me for now! Sending you all an abundance of spring time blessings & much love Cara x

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