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Wildflowers bloom wherever they are needed most.

Each one is beautiful in their own unique way and if you listen closely enough, they have something special to say!


This magical deck features vibrant artwork by Cara Nicholls who shares the Whispers of the Wildflowers through illustration, story and rhyme offering comfort and guidance from our Wildflower friends.


The deck of cards comes in an illustrated kraft box and contains 30 Wildflower Cards and a Guidebook which has a rhyme and personal message from each of the Wildflowers.


Suitable for all ages!


We suggest sitting quietly with your deck either at home or somewhere beautiful in nature. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths to help quiet your mind and then focus on a question or situation for which you are seeking guidance. Shuffle the cards faced down and select a card. Hold your card close to your heart and feel it's energy before taking in the picture of your chosen Wildflower, then consult the guidebook to receive their message for you!

30 Wildflower Cards & Guidebook

  • Cara Nicholls is an illustrator and artist with a passion to share her love of the natural world and lifes simple pleasures through art, photography, wild remedies and wild escapes. She is a home educating mother, a wildflower whisperer, obsessive beachcomber and life long herbal medicine student. Cara is founder of Whispers of the Wild a creative brand specialising in illustrated paper goods, gifts and homewares inspired by nature and is co-founder of Wildly Crafted a sustainable cabin and treehouse business working in harmony with nature.

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