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Chicks are tweeting in their nests, ducklings are waddling behind their mothers, lambs are gambolling in the fields and baby rabbits are scuffling into their warrens. Spring is the best time of year for spotting baby animals in the wild. As green shoots push their way out of the earth, the whole of the natural world welcomes new, young life. 


A ‘youngling’ is a term for any baby animal, and in this issue we include three stories all about animals and their young. As well as introducing you to the younglings of the animal kingdom,by the time you have read this magazine, you will know how to...


- Draw a kitten 

- Correctly name different baby animals 

- Make a drum

- Create a swan using your hand 

- Weave a spring crown 

... And much more!

A Year and a Day Magazine ~Younglings

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  • A Year and a Day is a seasonal magazine that aims to guide children into the inner world of traditional stories and out into the natural world around them.

    ​​A story is a living thing that no two people will hear or imagine in the same way. 

    At A Year and a Day we know that children learn in many different ways and at different paces

    A Year and Day encourages both children and adults to use their natural capacity for imagination, creativity and invention through storytelling, painting, number work, drawing, crafting and writing. 

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