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Hand-stitched using vintage linen and linen that has been naturally dyed using foraged plants, flowers, herbs and/or berries.


Every piece of hand dyed linen and each slow stitch has it's own story and provenance rooted in nature and weaved together with intention from the heart and hands of Cara Nicholls as she shares the gentle Whispers of the Willd.

Hand-Stitched Needle Case

  • Approximate size -

    • 8x8cm

    Composition -

    • Vintage & plant-dyed linens. Wool inner

    Textile Technique -

    • Appliqué & running-stitch


    • Backed on re-purposed pieces of vintage kantha quilt pieced together by talented artisans using specialist age-old textile techniques including natural dying, weaving and embroidery.
  • Cara Nicholls is a sustainable collage and textile artist who creates colourful illustrated cards & prints and hand- worked meaningful pieces inspired by nature.

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