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A very special gift box featuring 20 Illustrated Leaf Notecards inspired by the 'Ogham Tree Alphabet' also known as the 'Celtic Tree Alphabet'.


Each card features an illustration from an original cut paper collage by Cara Nicholls, printed on recycled kraft card. On the back of the card you will find the name of the tree, its Ogham name and its symbolism.


This set features the 20 trees associated with Ogham alphabet and their symbolism-


Birch 'Beith'  -  'Beginnings'

Rowan 'Luis' - 'Protection'

Alder 'Fearn' -  'Guidance'

Willow 'Saille' -  'Intuition'

Ash 'Nuin' -  'Connection'

Hawthorn 'Huathe' -  'Cleansing'

Oak 'Duir -  'Strength'

Holly 'Tinne' -  'Unity'

Hazel 'Coll' -  'Wisdom'

Apple 'Quert' -  'Abundance'

Vine 'Muin' -  'Inspiration'

Ivy 'Gort' -  'Determination'

Broom 'Ngetal' -  'Harmony'

Blackthorn 'Straif' -  'Perspective'

Elder 'Ruis' -  'Renewal'

Fir 'Ailm' -  'Foresight'

Gorse - 'Onn' -  'Gathering'

Heather - 'Ur' - 'Healing'

Aspen - 'Eadha -  'Courage'

Yew - 'Ioho' -  'Rebirth'






"Tree Ogham" Set of 20 Leaf Cards

  • These cards have been professionally printed onto recycled kraft card.

    Each card measures 105x75mm and fits sunggly into its kraft envelope.

    The giftbox measures 180x130mm and features an illustated label.


  • Cara Nicholls is an illustrator and artist with a passion to share her love of the natural world and lifes simple pleasures through art, photography and wild remedies. She is a home educating mother, a wildflower whisperer, obsessive beachcomber and life long herbal medicine student. Cara is founder of Whispers of the Wild a creative brand specialising in illustrated paper goods, gifts and homewares inspired by nature.  

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